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Epson Printer Paper Jam Issue, Inside the Machine

Paper jam is the most common and frustrating issue that any Epson Printer user have to face. Sometimes resolving this paper jam issue can be really easy as you just have to pull out the paper gently. But if jam occurs inside the machine then you will need guidance to resolve it and that you can access at Epson Printer Helpline Number UK. Whenever the jam occurs inside the machine, you can try the given method to clear it:

    • First you need to cancel all the print jobs, if there is any.

    • Then remove the jammed paper from the rear paper feed slot.

    • After that, lift the scanner unit and then remove the paper from inside. (Check for even small, torn pieces)

    • Then close the scanner unit.

    • Follow the on screen instructions on LCD screen to clear any error message.

If you still see the paper jam error then may be the jam is in the paper cassette or rear cover. To clear jam from different parts of the printer, you need to follow different method. You can get proper step by step assistance to clear the paper jam from our technical team by connecting with them at 0808-178-2624 Epson printer Support Number UK. Make sure, whenever you clear any paper jam, you always remove the paper gentry and try not to tear it as that can increase your problem.